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Brian McFadden

Otis Vinyl Signed (Includes Exclusive 3 Postcard Set)

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Release Date: 29/03/2019

Discs: 1

Brian McFadden is set to release his fifth studio album, ‘Otis’, on 22nd February. A tribute to Otis Redding, it’s a departure from the pop style McFadden is known for, but it’s a side of the singer that he’s long been wanting to show the world.

For ‘Otis’, Brian has taken some of the best material out there, and re-worked the songs in a way which showcase his voice yet in no way detract from their intrinsic beauty. Supporting Brian on the album are formidable talents such as Mica Paris, who joins him on ‘Angel’; and Andrew Strong, who first came to prominence in blockbuster film, ‘The Commitments’, back in 1991. Danny McCormack produced and scored the album.

Side A
A Change Is Going To Come
Cigarettes and Coffee
Direct Me
Champagne and Wine

Side B
Nobody's Fault But Mine
These Arms Of Mine
Loving You Too Long